Shared Object Errors When Running dwm & st On NetBSD


The Problem

I was trying to build and run my build of dwm and st on a NetBSD system. the build went fine after tweaking the `` file to look in `/usr/X11R7/include` and `/usr/X11R7/lib`, but when trying to run dwm and st I would be met with errors that look like this:

Shared object "" not found

The Solution

A fix I found for these types of errors is simply to copy over the object files from one location to another, the error above is not the only one I faced when running dwm and st, but they all had the same solution. Here is the command I used to fix this:

cp /usr/X11R7/include/ /usr/lib/

Now running dwm and st again, you should get met with an error similar to the one above, but the object file specified is different, simply adjust the command above the specified object file until you have no more shared object errors.